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Preview these tracks from my forthcoming new album. Streaming now on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon. Available for download from iTunes and Amazon.

Always in Motion

I have always enjoyed listening to instrumental music that is both stimulating and energizing. If you like invigorating music give "Always In Motion" a listen. It is an upbeat, lively song which can be described as classical fused with pop-synth and electronica.

Shall We Dance

Inspired by my fondness for instrumental music and film scores, "Shall We Dance" has a style similar to various cinematic soundtracks. The melodies are shared between the electric guitar, violin, and cello and could be described as a classical crossover.

Strings Attached

I love music that combines different and unique sounds together. "Strings Attached" sticks to the traditional instruments that are used in most mainstream songs, but the amped up electric guitar and melodious violin in this composition provides great contrast and smooth transitions throughout the piece. The style leans toward a dance-like synth-pop feel.


From an early age, I was drawn to classical and instrumental music. Since the piano was the only instrument available in my home, I started learning on my own and took lessons shortly thereafter. Eventually, I progressed to arranging and composing original songs. Encouraged by a music instructor who was confident in my abilities, I entered local competitions throughout my adolescent years.

After I graduated from high school, I attended Brigham Young University. There, I became involved in a number of musical endeavors, from performing in groups and other programs to performing with a local band and composing instrumental pieces for modern dance performers.

In 1997, I released my first album, Horizons, through Deseret Book. The album was a collection of hymn arrangements, most of which were songs that have been near and dear to me all my life. I also composed music for various radio ads, choir groups, and church organizations throughout the years.

My current projects are bringing me more into the mainstream, influenced by techno, synth-pop, dubstep, as well as classical music and rock. I’ve had an amazing time making this album. As it appears here and in other online outlets, I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I have making it.




Kierre Lewis


Greg Byer


Brian McGuckin


Colin Coffey


Christian Howes


Produced, Composed, and Arranged by

Kierre Lewis

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered at

JSR Studios

Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by

Colin Coffey


Portrait Photography

Kelly Ortman

Cover Art

Colette Lewis

Image Props

Joey Brazier (guitar)
Sheila Jones (Newton's cradle)
Adam Peine (cello)


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